are you ready to shape tomorrow’s world?

The business landscape is changing as we rise out of recession and move into a new wave of growth. Today’s leaders and managers are constantly being challenged to bring new ideas to the table, create ground breaking solutions, invent new business models and foster a culture of innovation.  


The big question is – are they equipped with the mindset, skills and behaviours to do this well?  A recent study by DDI revealed that of the leaders surveyed, over 50% considered themselves ‘ineffective at their ability and competency to drive innovation.’


Given this clear gap in leadership capabilities, could you and your organisation be in danger of falling behind the innovation curve?

who are we


We are a boutique coaching & leadership development consultancy with a passion for sparking creativity, igniting fresh thinking and inspiring game changing innovation.


We coach leaders and managers to develop the mindset, behaviours, skills and capabilities to lead innovation, pioneer the future and ignite this creative potential in others.


We create interactive programs that blend workshops, individual coaching, live projects, group coaching, eLearning and webinars to deliver high impact learning experiences.


We believe that today’s leaders and managers have the ability to create, shape and pioneer the world we will all live in tomorrow. Quite simply, we want that to be the best world ever.

what we offer

innovator LEAD

Individual leadership coaching journeys of 6-9 months that deep dive into developing leaders and managers to be “innovation agents” and catalysts for an innovation culture.

innovator LAB

Highly interactive 1-3 day workshops grounded in action learning, collaboration, idea generation and innovation processes, to create innovative concepts to solve live business issues.

innovator LIVE

Large group events shaped around the concepts of world cafe and open innovation, experimenting with creative thinking techniques and innovation tools on live business issues.

innovator LEARN

High quality eLearning content on creative thinking and innovation, easily adapted to different mediums (eg. written content, webinars, podcasts) and re-shaped for different LMS platforms.

“Some people look at things the way they are and ask why?

I dream of things that are not and ask why not?”


~ Robert Kennedy

how we get results

by developing these 6 innovation leadership capabilities


Opening your mind, moving beyond boundaries and being inspired by the diversity of the people and the world around you.


Leaping outside the box and bringing curiousity, questioning, challenge and fresh thinking to every stage of the innovation process.

inner leadership

Developing the mindset and behaviours inherent to great innovators and fostering a culture around you where innovation thrives.


Exploring new possibilities and perspectives by broadening your knowledge, discovering new trends and leveraging best practice.


Turning great ideas into real business results through collaboration, experimentation, influencing and a strong dose of passion.


Being a spark for innovation in the people around you by unlocking creative thinking, inspiring courage and being a catalyst for brilliant ideas.

some of our innovation tools

free creativity and innovation app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
brainsparker app


Need inspiration? Brainsparker is our free creativity and innovation app available on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


download it free today

brainsparker is a free creativity and innovation app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
innovation roadmap


Stuck for fresh ideas? Check out our A-Z roadmap with 26 creative strategies designed to activate your imagination.


view it here

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brainstorming workouts


Want to boost your creativity? Check out our range of free downloadable workout templates, journals and notebooks.


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why work with us


we’re innovation & coaching specialists


I’m Gabriella Goddard, the founder and Lead Coach at ingenuity. Our diverse team of coaches and facilitators bring expertise in leadership, coaching, innovation, creativity, design thinking, communication, personal impact and the creative arts.


Based in the UK and EMEA, what unites us is our belief that ingenuity lies within all of us.


All it takes is a spark.

we focus on leadership development


Key to our success is our highly consultative approach, our creative solutions and the five innovation leadership principles that shape the design of all our programmes:


– Be a catalyst for sparking innovation
– Unlock potential in others through coaching
– Be courageous and take risks
– Take a global view and leverage diversity
– Focus on achieving real business growth

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our international blue chip experience


Over the past 10 years we have worked in a wide range of industries including FMCG, financial services, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, consultancy, automative, electronics, construction, energy, IT and utilities.


We have developed leaders and managers within in Tesco, Heinz, L’Oreal, Sanofi Global, Astra Zeneca, Barclays, Orange, Renault, Mouchel, United Utilities, Hitachi, Panasonic Europe and Areva, either directly or in partnership with other providers.

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